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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back From the Holiday Dust! Over the Holidays

Wow I have been really MIA around "blogsville" Did you miss me!!!!
I was sick for the past month with that awful cough and cold. Ugh!!! It is spreading like wildfire around here. I hope everyone else is keeping warm and healthy?

So what have I been doing....well here are some photos from parties, our Christmas Lights Bus trip, and Christmas with family, and other odds and ends

ornaments I made for RH 

VQ & I at the SB Christmas party

my snazzy purple glitter nails

at every party I gave away chocolate flavor candy canes

all dressed for our SnC party

gift exchange

I got a gift card completely wrapped in a skein of yarn

yummy desserts

all of us

I finally got to the card

the Christmas Lights bus tour

there were 40 of us

the bus was a double decker English bus

loading into the bus

the top deck

we even had live music

SnC that put on the event

SnC bagging up for Charity

I was getting it all ready to take to the Nursing home with the group

at the Norco Craft Fair we go to every year

I always meet up with my BFF

the out houses even had a little sink

the blacksmith

of course our fav Pot Belly pig is there every year

he likes us

its a really country affair

inside they make the greatest gingerbread cookies

which I buy 2 dozen

finding goodies

after we went to Bob's Big Boy for lunch

there was music too

here we all are 

Chloee with her hair cut

the g-kids on Christmas at my daughter's house

her and hubby were cooking

Bob and I took a pose

my youngest grandaughter loves Zebra

lori gets a t-shirt with the girls on it

I got everyone a Hot Head hat...they got a real kick out of them as you can see

Lori posing

I told John he looked funny

they posed with their sun glasses on...lol

John got a fluffy blanket

Lori's head got stuck in her hat and Brian had to help

this is Penny her dog

this is Ginger her other dog

our family photo

on the way to our car club party

I won the table centerpiece

the party was held in the museum it was so nice

one of the members dressed the role of the 1940s

loves this car

the hunting wall

Bob and I 

this was the gift I got with a fabric wallet inside

dressed up for the New Year

Bob and his car

3 queens at one of our parties

my family

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