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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some legal stuff I found to be quite interesting ....
What is a Logfile?

This information is For the people that have no idea with what happens on a www site....

EACH DAY, every domain and subdomain has a LOG FILE. It's a Word Pad type documents, that list EACH AND EVERYTIME someone accesses EACH PIECE you have on your www site.

If a person copy and pastes a background, a header...what ever...you get a list for EACH piece that was accessed.

It give you the URL of the site where that piece was called. They are hyperlinked, so all anyone has to do is click on that and it takes them right to where that piece has been copied and pasted.

So anyone stealing Bandwidth (and violating a designers copyright), when it is done you leave a calling card ....a trail a bread crumbs RIGHT BACK TO YOUR SITE.

If you are stealing large amounts of bandwidth, these people could actually sue you for loss of money. Off MSN, people has to pay for bandwidth. So you when you steal from them you are costing them more money.

It records the date time your ISP the image that was called, even tells what browser you used to call for the time, even tells if you are using dial up or DSL to connect and then lastly, it gives the URL that is calling for that item.

So when you steal from people on the www. you are leaving a calling cards saying "I am MSN groups yadadada I have this on my msn group" EACH AND EVERY TIME that someone opens the message on a message board with stolen graphics or each time a custom page opens.


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