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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Who Wears Aprons? What to Sew?

I have lots more to make and SEW for my aprons and bags, but I just love the new material available today. Since, I have visited one of my favorite secondhand store and they are selling a lot of "vintage" clothing. Yummy .... I can really get some wonderful fabric there by using clothing and cutting from it to line my bags and make some aprons.

Here is another new bag I just finished that will be available soon in my Etsy shop and my online store.

Ya know one of my pen pals, that I wrote to and sent a photo of one of my finished aprons asked me, "so...who wears aprons anymore?" And I started to think about that statement and thought I would look it up to see if any info was out there on it..

Here are some of my findings:

Buy a vintage apron on EBay
or try Ric Rack Attack
a funny apron
for kids direction on making a "turkey" apron
tie-dyed aprons

I loved this saying since I am a Marylyn Monroe fan "Forget the Diamonds. Aprons Are A Girl's Best Friend."

But who wears an Apron?
Many people say they can almost smell good food cooking when they see an apron that
reminds them of their mom or grandmother. Some dads like to wear aprons when they
barbecue outdoors in summer. Throughout history aprons have also been a sign of certain occupations. Fishermen wore oilskin aprons. Blacksmiths and carpenters had leather ones. Butlers and maids wore clean white aprons. Lumberyard workers often had short canvas aprons with advertising on the front and pockets for nails. Many people have an apron as part of their
historic national costume. They wear these aprons today for special celebrations. But the apron probably had a useful purpose years ago.

What Is an Apron?
The word apron comes from a French word, naperon, meaning a small tablecloth. An apron is an article of clothing usually worn on the front of the body and tied around the waist with strings. It is used to protect clothing, to cover the body or to adorn a costume. An apron can be made of cloth, plastic, leather or other material. Half aprons tie around the waist with a skirt that hangs in front of the body. Full aprons have a skirt and a top section called a bib. Aprons are often hand-made, but can also be purchased ready-made.

To most people, aprons are mainly good for protecting your clothes while cooking or working. However, there are multiple uses for aprons.

Try using your apron to:

  • Pick up hot dishes
  • Wipe away your grandchildren’s tears
  • Dry the inside of a freshly washed mug
  • Carry in eggs from the henhouse
  • Warm your arms when the house is drafty
  • Dust the furniture
  • Wipe up spills
  • Let the children run and hide underneath it
  • Carry freshed vegetables from the garden
  • Make people laugh (funny aprons are great for this)

An Apron for Housework

To be entirely consistent, an apron that is worn in the performance of household duties must cover the whole dress underneath. Otherwise it wouldn't be much of a protection, would it? But the apron must be absolutely neat, for surely one cannot do neat housework when the apron one wears is untidy! And after all, why shouldn't a woman look as attractive in her own home, among her own dear ones, as she does at a fashionable dinner? (Read entire essay.)

A funny apron story:

One lady even told a funny story about how when she was newly married, she and her husband lived on a small farm. They had a few goats, one of whom was a little obnoxious. This goat was always following her around and bumping in to her. She always had to dodge that annoying billy goat, until one day her apron came to the rescue.
She was so frustrated at that goat that she actually ripped her apron off and threw it on his head. He was so confused, that she was able to rush out to the garden and pick her vegetables before the goat knew what hit him. Her little trick never ceased to work on that dumb goat, and she had her apron to thank for getting her work done every day.

And check out the Apron Queen for some fabulous ideas like a tutorial on "How to make a Hanky Apron" for clear instructions and fun! I love her site!!!

And over at another blog I found this interesting observation:

My Mother always wore an apron and any time we are cooking together it always began with ‘where’s your apron’, or ‘here let me get you an apron’. I would happily oblige her, and put on one of the waist-style aprons she had on hand. Never really seeing the point, but doing so, because its how things are done in her kitchen.
Now, years later, with a family of my own, I am always reaching for my apron when beginning a task. The type I wear is a bib-style that goes around the neck and ties around the waist. This is the only style that works for me.
This link show basic ‘types’ of aprons. Mine is the ‘Designer Kitchen Bib’.

Apron history, blogs, and uses goes on forever and I was amazed at just how popular they have become. So for my pen pal and all others who are not aware of this "craze" that has been going on for centuries....lots and lots of people where aprons and aprons are here to stay!!!!

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