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Someone once said -

"There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the people who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living." Amen


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Try out a New Recipe Yummy!!!

                   Almond Surprise Cupcakes!

This I found over on "Happier than a Pig in Mud" blog and it looks so scrumpious I had to share with you...where I also learned about a wonderful gadget that I bought called a cupcake corer Now this little tool pushes the cupcake right out and leaves a hole just big enough to fill with your favorite filling!! Yummy...and who doesn't love cupcakes??


 This recipe is from Food.com.  I love almond so this has to be the greatest taste .........
Almond Cupcakes

3/4 C butter, room temp
1 1/2 C sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 1/2 C flour
1 1/4 C milk
-Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
-Cream butter and sugar, add eggs and extract. Add the rest and beat till smooth.
-Fill cupcake liners 2/3 full, this makes approximately 24 cupcakes.
-Bake approximately 20 minutes or until the top is golden brown and springs back when touched.
-Cool completely.
-Then I used my corer, and spooned cherry pie filling into the centers of the cupcakes, two cherries fit in each cupcake!
-Frost as desired.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny Cats

Oh I love cats!! They are so funny Enjoy!!!

Remember: Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's New with Me!!

Chloee got a haircut

 I got this from a friend and saw it posted on Chatty Crone's blog so thought I would pass it on to my followers too...very strange:

This year we will experience 4 unusual dates. . . . 1/1 /11 , 1 /11 /11 , 11 /1 /11 , 11 /11 /11 . . . . NOW go figure this out . . . . take the last 2 digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year and it WILL EQUAL 111. Try it - it did work for me!

the new Foster Grant Lightspecs

beads for making some new jewelry

fuinally got the heads to make the pins

yeah new pattern books arrived

this is how they work

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Lights on Glasses and Lori's "B" Day

I bought these cool glasses [can you see me?] at Walgreen's yesterday, or I should say DH bought them for me. :) they are called Foster Grant's Light Specs They work so good and the best part is they were only $24.95 "buy one get one free" so I got two pairs. :) I used them last night and they work so good I feel like I should have had these on all the time. They are feel like you have an "Ott" light on your face. :)

blowing out the candles
 Yesterday we went to my daughter's and celebrated her 40th "B" day...wow makes one feel a little old????? If she's 40 then I must be????? oh my!!! but she is such a beautiful daughter and we had a wonderful day visitng and DD fised her fence for her too... :) Then she made hamburgers and hot dogs with lots of side dishes and we ate and visited ...it was  anice day and the weather was very nice. I did notice that my older g-daughter is now wearing eye makeup...hmmmm they sure grow fast....

I made her this Dolphin necklace because she loves Dolophins. :) and then I had to take a shot of her cats playing "king of the room" on their tower...they are so pretty...that's Rusty on the top looking down on all of us... :)

How to make here

Rusty n Molly


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts

I just need to add the eyes
I made these for my group for Valentine's Day. I had fun decorating them and they are so easy a quick and cute Valentine's gift for a friend or child. Get the free downloaded templates too...check out Cutes and Turtles crafts.

the flowers

added heart necklaces for the g-kiddies

the butterflies

Valentine's Day - Edible Bouquet - EZ Craft Project

This one is a great gift to give anyone cause who doesn't love chocolate?
Not difficult to make..

MACM - Button Heart Valentine's Day Card

I love working with buttons and this card with buttons is so cute and easy to do.
Watch the video and make one or two or three... :) I have a huge button stash so I'm off to play...

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Too Funny Evian Roller Babies international version

Happy New Year

Happy New Year All!!!
It's a wet rainy day here in So CA... but it is nice to have a whole day to be lazy and just hang out at the "puter" .. :) Ok so its 2011 and what are we all thinking about????? I have decided to not mak eany New Year's REsolutions that I know I will not keep, but instead make some new goals that I want to achieve sometime in 2011..................so here are a few of my goals:
  1. organize my upstairs crafting room, so maybe I can actually have a meeting up there and more room to move around. It is amazing how clutered it can get
  2. have some friends over for a crafting slumber party, make popcorn knit, crochet, tell stories and watch a good movie
  3. work on more WIP, put them in order and when I am done with one go onto the next that is in line to do, that way I won't be searching if I put them an order to do, finish at least one a month
  4. Read at least one new novel each month and conmdense my library
  5. take out my patterns for my magazines that I like and put them in my file cabinet so when I am looking to do something I can find it easier than searching through all the mbooks and magazines, for books I will make copies and then put the books away
  6. organize my buttons by color, size, and theme, so that I can find them when looking to add to one of my projects
  7. join TOPS, and get motivated and meet some new friends wanting to lose weight and eat healthier
  8. start WW and try to lose at least 20 lbs over the year [always got to have a weight loss, :)]
  9. try a new recipe monthly and then share it with friends and family
  10. make more gifts for family and friends using up my stash of supplies and yarn
  11. Walk at least 20 minutes a day 4-6 times a week
  12. join a dance lesson group to learn how to Tango and Waltz, I hav elaways wanted to do this and always procrastinate on joining
  13. sort through my closet and jewelry and rotate out and make room to add new designs
  14. take some of my older clothing items and crochet some trim on them to change their look
  15. learn to make knitting cables as I have always wnated to learn and never have made the plunge
  16. make more cards to send instead of buying them, start on Valentine cards, I love handmade cards they have so much personality and fun to make. :), add a recipe or pattern or poem or craft idea when sending along with a scratch off ticket for fun!
Impossible????  no, now remembering that is another thing....
 So I am going to print this out and hang it up on my refrigerator and craft peg board to remind me to it..... What's your goals for 2011???? Be sure to Link to me and leave a comment so I can hop over and read yours too.....let's see how many bloggers can join in....

Simon's Cat 'TV Dinner'

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