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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Ideas & Fun

flower pot costume 
Isn't this cute? Just go to your local $1 store and make this easy costume for the little one.

Witch Doctor, Voodoo Priestess & Voodoo Doll
what a great costume set for the whole family

Night party - put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling
Night party - put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling
How fun this would be at a party...lol
Toilet paper as pins and a small pumpkin to roll use a nice round pie pumpkin and cut the stem off.  Then  bore three bowling-ball-type holes with an apple corer.  Using toilet paper rolls make a nice grand reaction to being bowled over.  But ghost-white paper needs the faces.
This Halloween spider lollipop craft is so cute! It's perfect as a party favor at your Halloween party or give them out at the door.


  • lollipop
  • 4 black pipe cleaners
  • google eyes
  • glue


  1. Hold 4 black pipe cleaners in your hand. Bend them all in half together.
  2. Put a lollipop in the fold and twist all the pipe cleaners around the stick a few times.
  3. Spread out the pipe cleaners and bend to look like legs.
  4. Glue on 2 google eyes on your spider.

  • black and orange pipe cleaners
  • small pony beads

Take a bundle of 4 pipe cleaners, bend in the middle and twist the fold several times to make the spider's body.
  1. Separate the pipe cleaners to make the legs.
  2. Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and slide up close to the body. Bend each leg about an inch from the body and slide on 2 more beads at the joint. Bend the legs 1.5 inches from the last joint and slide on 2 more beads. Adjust the legs to make your spider.
This is quick and easy, buy a ready made doily, some plastic spiders and a little white thread. glue doily on a pillow and attach thread as shown and then glue on spiders
Another easy project


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