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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is The Halo Effect on Yarn????


What is the "halo" you keep hearing about? Halo is simply the name given to the "fluffiness" of the yarn or finished piece, such as in commercial Mohair yarn or a finished Angora Sweater. What makes up the "halo" are the tiny, almost microscopic hairs that have worked one end out of the twist and thus creates a fluffy, halo like appearance. Don't be fooled by the initial appearance of your Keepsake Yarn. More often than not, when you receive your keepsake yarn, it will look quite similar to commercial yarn. Handling of your keepsake yarn or finished product results in separating the finer hairs from the main twist. As you work with your keepsake yarn, you will start to see the halo emerge. The more you touch, pet, wash or handle your keepsake yarn, the more the halo will grow. Anxious to get the full halo on your finished piece? Dry cleaning your finished product will bring out the halo to it's fullest, natural extent. Please see How to use Your Pet Yarn for more information on how to plan for the halo on your finished project.
Left: a skein of Golden Retriver yarn Middle: A mitten just after it was knitted Right: Same mitten after a few wearings

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