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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Fabulous finds on Blogs

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and ran across this beautiful sculpture. Now realize that these horses are all done in tape!! Yup...you have to check out this guys site to see the rest of his creations. Just fantastic!!!

Another great blog tutorial was on how to make sequin buttons!!! I loved this one...

I found this fantastic idea on Liana's blog, Sew Intriguing I visit and the tutorial of it all started on Kathleen's blog which is called Fashion Incubator.. What a fabulous idea on making a pattern and it is so easy and will take all the guess work out of fitting problems and how to make your garments look like they were custom made just for you!!! you might want to get a book that will help you on pattern making and she suggests a few, but I liked this one best. I was also surprised to find that The Sewing Emporium was so near me in Chula Vista, CA. they have a sewing cutting round there that would be great for all your pattern making.

Now since I am a total "Bag Lady" I couldn't resist posting these bags when I found the patterns and blogs, Sew Mad has the cutest Shark bag...I just love it...but Natron's is in German??? Any ideas on how I could translate it??? Help!!!

And last but not the least...I love this group which is all over "blogland"...The Weepies. they remind me of the music from the Joan Biaz age.. :) am I dating myself??? Anyways I have pre-oreded thier newest CD out tomorrow... :)


  1. Glad you found the saran wrap block idea useful! Thanks for the credit, but the link you have to my blog, Sew Intriguing, goes to Vicki's (HongKong Shopper) instead.

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  3. You have a great blog with some interesting things here. I love the flowers you posted earlier in the month, too! I'm enjoying spring so much! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment.

  4. Hello - found you via apronista - i love the weepies too! your link for Natron goes to SewMad - and her blog is in english and german (you can choose which in the upper right hand corner of each blog entry)Does that Knitters of Avalon button link to anywhere? see you around the blog-o-sphere


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