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"There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the people who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living." Amen


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Friday, April 25, 2008

My Sewing Room, Swaps, and Ducks

The book I got from my Book swap partner and I cannot wait to read all about the ideas and tips it has to offer. The bag below I made with Noro Daria, my first time working with it and I am hooked. I love how sturdy it is. The photo does not do it justice as the colors are really brillant purples and teals and pinks...

this cap is for an adult or young teenager...I love pink and the bag below is getting ready for lining. I work on an assembly line basis make th ebags and then line them all...

yummy polka dots and even Dorothy's shoes.. hee hee....

these are for bags, and aprons, I just love matching up the material and Tall Mouse has the best!!!

these items are for my Nemo and Littlest Mermaid tote bags

I got a wonderful apron from my swap partner and some goodies too, a book, recipes, organizer, and she even hand painter a plate for me...

Wow check out what came walking down the street?? Isn't she just the cutest? Mama and 9 babies.....I just had to run out and take a pic...

Then I decided to photo some of my materials for upcoming projects..hard to get a look at it all but the material is for aprons, hot pad mitts, tote bags, and round bags...some for Christmas gifts and some for craft sales in Nov and some for my shop..I also made up some cute little sewing booklets to hold pins....:) I haven't had a chance to photo it all but this is a peek....and I just finished a terrific tote bag that I made with cotton and really got into the lining attachments with pockets and a clip for keys and also I stuck a photo holder on the front...I really like this one...

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Fabulous finds on Blogs

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and ran across this beautiful sculpture. Now realize that these horses are all done in tape!! Yup...you have to check out this guys site to see the rest of his creations. Just fantastic!!!

Another great blog tutorial was on how to make sequin buttons!!! I loved this one...

I found this fantastic idea on Liana's blog, Sew Intriguing I visit and the tutorial of it all started on Kathleen's blog which is called Fashion Incubator.. What a fabulous idea on making a pattern and it is so easy and will take all the guess work out of fitting problems and how to make your garments look like they were custom made just for you!!! you might want to get a book that will help you on pattern making and she suggests a few, but I liked this one best. I was also surprised to find that The Sewing Emporium was so near me in Chula Vista, CA. they have a sewing cutting round there that would be great for all your pattern making.

Now since I am a total "Bag Lady" I couldn't resist posting these bags when I found the patterns and blogs, Sew Mad has the cutest Shark bag...I just love it...but Natron's is in German??? Any ideas on how I could translate it??? Help!!!

And last but not the least...I love this group which is all over "blogland"...The Weepies. they remind me of the music from the Joan Biaz age.. :) am I dating myself??? Anyways I have pre-oreded thier newest CD out tomorrow... :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's New Today?

This is going to be fun to work with, I already started to work with Noro Daria and also the Hemp I got at the local Alamitos Bay yarn shop....

Our pond has cleared right up with the new algee treatment and our fish are really happy.

Mr Blue Jay came over yesterday and gathered his favorite treat...peanuts...I actually throw them out for "Chi Chi" my backyard squirrel, but he beat him to it today....they are quite noisy and forceful about what they want..

I love taking photos and while enjoying my front yard that is blooming up a storm I caught this shot of a bee pollenating my white daisy. Isn't it amazing.....

My front flowerbeds are just screaming with color....we went to Palm Springs over the weekend and I just loved this man made waterfalls at the Ritz. I wish I could have captured the sound of the water, it was so relaxing, but my camera's batteries ran out after Bob took this shot.. :(

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My "B" Day, Field Trip to the Yarn Shops, and Flowers Blooming

This little guy I got at a boutique in Seal Beach and he was too cute. His hair is that stretchy rubber stuff...and to the right is my metal fisherman at my pond.
The flower I am holding is a purple morning glory

these are just starting they are my Moon flowers
here is a pink rose from my flowerbeds and asnail my daughter got me

These are varigated geraniums that my son picked for me 3 Mom's days ago down by the Queen Mary. It was just one branch and now I have them everywhere. I always get so many complitments about how beautiful they bloom.
the ones also the front edge are also varigated pink geraniums and they have really bloomed this year

My horse is getting covered with greenery, and I couldn't resist this pen with the chick on the top, sepecially since my groups name is Stitch n' Chicks...hey I think I will get a few for the group... :)

Another snail in my garden and the lettuce plant is sprouting babies this year

Gerber Daisys and purple and white daisys are really blooming

Orange succulents and my Tiki with the parrots beak plant surrounding its bottom

more geraniums in pink and Whisteria in the purple hanging over the fence. the little reading frog my friend got me because she knows I love to read.

some purple and red geraniums..
I loved this sweater made with Annie Blatt yarn

the beach

the group on the yarn field trip

lots of colors

this store had so many samples hanging everywhere. Yummy....
A $285 skein of yarn...wow!!!!! I had to feel it

Friday was my "B day and I tried to blow out these candles but my DH bought ones that kept lighting up....so.....I kept trying... :) now to show off some of my "B" day pressies...My DH got me a Swift....yippy!!!! And beautiful peach roses, a new spade and cutters with rubber handles to help with the aches of cutting and digging. I am always playing around around the pond and in the flowerbeds, as you can see my flowers are blooming everywhree. I just love love the color, then I got a wire Tea pot basket to hold me tea bags. I love this little tea pot. I saw at Polly's Pies and fell in love with it and he remembered and got me one... :) Then my DS got me a digital key chain and it holds 60 photos...I cannot wait to put my pis on it, and a cordless mouse for my laptop and my desk puter....I hate the cord one I have now... :) my best buddy came out Sat night and spent the night with me and she brought me the cutest frog and turtle for my pond, and took me to dinner. DH went fishing for the weekend so we had a girls weekend. We went shopping in Seal Beach Sunday and bought flags and other goodies and then went and ate out on the pier. Then we went over to the Japanese Gardens and walked around. They were having an Orchid display, wow!!!! Sat daytime my local knit group and I went on a field trip to 3 shops and had lunch down in Hermosa Beach at Henessey's by their pier. The shops we went to were Beach knit Shop, L'atiere, and Concepts in Yarn....they were all different and had some great yarns and patterns that I absolutly had to get... :) I also had to get a few new projects of course. And if you look at the one shot Donna is holding a skein of yarn that costs $285 .....unbelievable...What fun....

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