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Monday, June 22, 2009

Contests, Projects, and Summer

Hello bloggers and friends....where has June gone to? It is summertime already and I haven't finished 1/2 my projects...

I was over at "Grosgrain" and she has a wonderful tutorial on making vintage earrings and has a give-a-way.... I just love those pink ones. ....so hop on over there to try your hand on winning..oh and check out her "Frock" dress give-a-way too...it is the cutest idea....

I think I love the skirt one best for the idea of how to use my 1 yard stash of fabric I have in my craft room.....great idea and athe best part is anyone can sew it together as no pattern is needed and no measuring tape either...WOW....go check it out!

I had a stitching group party for the Summer Exchange with a beach theme at my house last Thursday and I won 21 skeins of yarn from our Left, Center, Right game we played where each player had to play with 3 skeins of yarn. It is a dice game and there is a "c" and a "l" and a "r" and a blank on the die. You roll and if you get a "r" you pass one skein to the right and a "l" to the left and a "c" you put it in the middle or if you are lucky and get a blank you get to keep the skein. You keep playing till they are all in the middle and there is only one player left with a skein and she wins them all...voila....that was ME!!!! Or you can play with quarters or dollard too...as we did and Pat won the $$$$$....what fun...my group loves this game...then we played pass the chain....before the party I made a huge chain of 453 stitches and then we passed it around with everyone holding the chain...then I went around and asked everyone to guess the amount of chains.....the winner got a small prize "summer" themed....and Shanda won that....then we played our "Exchange" game...I made up a story with left, across, and right in it about our group and we passed the packages around till the end and that package was what you got....lots of laughs and lots of fun!!!! I won that gorgeous pink floral bag filled with yarn and a pattern for a shawl along with several past Crochet magazines...yummy.....See the groups photo as we had a sun glasses contest....we all had to wear glasses Denise won by the most votes.....she had cut out pictures of her son and glued them on her sunglasses...leave it to Denise to think up some good ones....I put a card I made on the computer with the name of the party, and our logo on it and everyone had to sign it as it will go into our scrapbook along with all our photos of the party...a huge success....I love giving parties and the gals look forward to them.... :)

I think next year I will have a guessing jar with sand and shells in it....oh check out my centerpiece I made with a sand pail and skeins of yarn and hooks and needles... :) What fun!!!!!

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  1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun!


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