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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craft Show Met Carol Duvall

I met Carol Duvall at this past weekend's craft fair.... That was fun there were a lot of crafting personalities there, but the one "queen" of crafting I really wanted to meet was Carol Duvall...and I was pleasently pleased at how nice she was in person and friendly. I so miss her craft shows and used to watch them all the time. I loved her ideas and felt like I was always working right along side of her as she presented her fans with new ideas and great crafts. Also I was excited to hear that there is a new "network" online opening for all us crafters, be sure to go check it out...  http://www.icraftnetwork.com/  it is still under construction but if you email icraftwithcarol@yahoo.com you will be alerted when it offically opens and new ideas. :)
Debbie Stoller was also there but I missed her times in her booth, craftster was there too, one of my favorite stopping places to get ideas. :)

Carol and I .... :)


  1. Wow.. How much fun THIS must have been! I only have the most basic level of cable t.v., so I didn't know Carol wasn't on t.v. anymore. That's a shame! I used to love watching her on HGTV!!.. Glad you had fun anyways! ~tina

  2. I've seen references to the icraftnetwork for more than two years now and it's still a junky referral site. I sure would feel better about supporting the project if I could just find ONE post from Carol Duvall on the topic.

    I really really hope that she gets or is on an internet site. She is AWESOME!

  3. Hi...How exciting to meet Carol, I miss her too. But this info about icraftnetwork appears to be a scam to collect email addresses. It's been 'under construction' for at least 2 years and they spelled Duvall with only 1 'L'. Did Carol verify this was legitimate? I told a lot of people about this and they all emailed their support. Now I feel bad that I passed along a scam.

  4. Mary yes it is legitiment, she handed out cards with the web's address on it and verified she would be on it in the near future when they got it together. Not sure what the hold up is???? But her producer was there handing out cards on it too????

  5. Well I am going to try to contact her about this, she talked about it and had her producer hand out cards, but I did not realize it was up for so long, she claimed that they needed to have a larger amount of people for it in order to get it approved, I miss her shows too.... :)

  6. Hi all, I just received confirmation thru friends who had personally spoke to Lisa Pavelka and to Linda Peterson that icraftnetwork is still a work in progress...but it IS all about Carol and friends!

    "There are plans to bring Carol back via the webtv for now but hopefully to tv in the future"..."this is designed to bring the whole Carol Duvall family back together and bring back the world of crafts to all her viewers"

  7. Oh thank you MAry of Oregon for following up and posting the info here, it is good to know, I know that at the craft fair they were very inthusiastic about the show and that it seemed legitimate with Carol Duvall backing it verbally. Thanks again...I can not wait to see her on the net again and TV would be great. Here in So CA all the craft shows have been taken off and the only thing on is remodling homes. :( sad....

  8. dacraftylady3:20 PM

    Dacraftylady is
    Point Breeze Designs..
    sorry for any confusion

  9. I agree about HGTV getting kinda stuck in a rut with their remodeling shows! Would be nice to see some crafty shows!

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