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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Fun Valentine Crafts for Any Age

I was upstairs sorting out more patterns in my craft room and looked around the rooms and thought I would share...The picture here is my favorite reading and writing spot in my house. The light is bright and the chair is really comforable and I like the "shabby chic" appeal. :)

The secretary desk is what I inherited from my mom. It is so pretty and unique and something I will cherish. It has a pull down desk area for writing with little slots for envelopes and other items. :)

I like this quaint little china tea coaster set, it goes well with my pink hurricane lamp, :) The colors are pastel and they match with the wicker...
The pink lace hat wall hanging I got at an estate sale a few years ago and it fits well with the decor
Another favorite is a shabby chic wall hanging I found awhile back that is so pretty. I know it looks a little messy but this area is where I hung my plate collection and have a lot of my fat 1/4s and as you can see where my patterns are being sorted...sorry for the messiness...Another estate sale find is this Home Sweet Home heart hanging. I hung it bedie my music box collection that is in my built in curio cabinet. :)

And a pink crocheted hat I made last year. It is really comfortable...
i was surfing for Valentine crafts and ran across a few really great ones....I love easy crafts to whip up and my favorites are paper plate crafts, sock crafts, and over at PS they had the cutest foxy  pocketbook favor box  craft it is adorable and not too difficult, One of my favorite for any holiday is of course the very simple paper chain...this one is for Valentine's Day and stamped with heart designs. Its easy and all kids young and old have fun making them. :) then I saw this cute Valentine Garland that was made over at One Hour Craft that is so easy to do. She has a tutorial for it that is easy to follow and sew up in no time. They are so pretty. Lastly I thought I would post a little video on a Valentine Puffy. Enjoy!

Making Stuffed Valentine's Day Decorations for Kids -- powered by eHow.com

More Stuffed Valentine's Day Decorations for Kids -- powered by eHow.com

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