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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Weekend Fun and Things You could Do??

Its Saturday, as my sis and I refer to "work and play day" we have a line for each day of the week...I like Saturdays because I can choose to work or play, at he moment I am working at catching up on email, believe me that is work, and also my blogs...that is definitely a timely matter..Here are some ideas you can work or play with today:

  1. Get out and take a brisk walk ....its great for your health especially your heart
  2. make a new craft...I love this place for finding fun things to do
  3. take out one of your hobbies, knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, anything you love to do and work on it, but limit your time so that it doesn't consume your entire day, that way you have fun and yet have time for doing other things during the day
  4. clean out one of those closets that are haunting you...I have several. :(
  5. mop the floor then go to lunch with a friend or two, maybe go to a restuarant you have been longing to go to its a great time to catch up on all the gossip
  6. get out the bike and wipe off the cobwebs and take a little ride around the neighborhood, that of course is for the people that live in torerable weather states, for others that do not, maybe you could build a snowman and enjoy your talents with decorating him in all the right trimmings. :)
  7. bake some chocolate chip cookies and curl up with a warm lapghan in front of your fireplace or stick in one of those fireplace cds and read a good book that you have been putting off because of not enough time
  8. reorganize your kitchen cupboards adding some great new shelf liner paper
  9. replant and fertilize those inside plants that are looking a little droopy
  10. grab a friend or sister and go to your local home improvement store and check out the new lawn furniture and bar b ques for upcoming springtime, maybe even some great plants and get a new inside one for one of those bright windows it is never too early to start planning for the spring or get a new hanger [do people still hang plants?] and add a new one to one of those empty corners and enjoy the benefits plants give to us. Did you know that plants purify the air, they are not only pleasing to look at but they help us breathe too!
I hope this has helped everyone for your Saturday...me I am going to mop up the kitchen and heading off to lunch with a friend....bon appitte.... :)


  1. Hello and welcome to my newest follower! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for signing on to be with me on this incredible blogging journey! I have been looking at your blogs also - OMG you are a busy lady! Four blogs - how do you do it! I am saving your blog site because youhave some incredible patterns - thank you for those!

    This will be a fun year with lots of special treats just for my followers. Look for the first one to come in early March - a little tropical treasure! I havemet the very nicest people thrugh my blogging - made lots of friends - and now I have one more!


  2. Hi Vicki,
    What a nice comment. Thank you...I look forward to your blog and I am glad you are joining on mine...yes it can be a chore to keep up on all the blogs, but like you I have met some wonderful online friends and enjoy them all and now I too have one more. :) Debb


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