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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some Halloween Decorations for You


by George Eliot   Now what surprised me was when I found out that George Eliot was actually a pen name for a woman named Mary Anne Evans. Just  abit of info I found interesting....I found this quote on one of my blogging friends blog.. thank you, Debbie-Dabble 


Cagey Ghosts I love Halloween and all the decorations that come out....so I thought I would check out "Family Fun" website which is a favorite of mine for wonderful ideas. Here is a cute and easy one for your porch or lawn.  This is safe too...
They are called "Cagey Ghosts" ..Come Halloween, they haunt front porches as glowing ghosts.

Tomato cage
Duct tape
String lights
Twist ties
Marker or craft foam (for facial features)
White twin sheet
1. To make one, set up the cage as shown. To form the head, use duct tape to secure the rounded prongs of the cage. Thread the lights through the cage, and secure them with twist ties.
2.For each arm, ball up two socks and duct-tape them to a stick, placed in the ground.
3.Add marker or pinned-on craft foam facial features to a white twin sheet, then drape it over the structure.
This is great if you have a large tree in front of your home....Turn trees into mysterious lawn creatures. Cut circles out of fluorescent-green crafts foam, draw pupils with a black marker, and adhere them in pairs to a tree using double-stick tape
Eyes see you

I loved this easy one to display Candy Corn.....how cute is this one from "BHG" crafts, another one of my favorite spots to get ideas,
Ghost Bags Really easy and so cute.......these should be made closer to halloween, get some clear stand alone treat bags, again the $1 store has many, make some popcorn and fill up the bags a little, tie the bags together with a black bow, use a hole punch to make the hole if they don't already have one, then get some wiggle eyes and glue them on as shown. Make a card by floding a 1/4 sheet of white construction paper in 1/2 and write the saying on above, and arrange bags and sprinkle around some Candy Corn...Voila...complete...
Pumpkin Suckers 
Just get some small pumpkins, scoop out all the seeds and pumpkin and I actually like the idea of gluing on a face or using a black highlighter to draw one on rather than cutting out a face, thats only cause the pumpkin is so small it might be a bit difficult to get in there to make the face??? Then get your lollipops [again at the $1 store] use an orange plastic table cloth and contruction paper to make their faces and tie it on with string or use rubber bands and stick them into the pumpkin set them on an upside down paper cup and cut out circles to cover the cup, use a white plastic table cloth from the $1 store for the bottoms...

bat holder
This one is called a "Bat Holder" make a few for those special Halloween Guests---  directions

hershey bar eyes How about some Chocolate Bar "Eyes" how cute and decorative for your candy....directions

mouse How cute is this one? There is actually Halloween Candy under this "Candy RAT"....
Download the Rat Pattern >> [free PDF file]

What You'll Need:

Textured brown paper or brown construction paper
Black paper
Adhesive tape
Large-eye needle
White floral cloth wire
Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
Red gemstones

1.Cut out the body, tail, and ear patterns from textured brown paper (or construction paper).
2.Cut ear slashes as noted on the pattern.
3.Fold the darts as indicated on the pattern;
4.tape the darts on the inside to secure.
5.Tape the tail to the underside.
6.Cut a 2-x3-1/2-inch rectangle from brown paper.
7.Center the rectangle crosswise on the underside of the body and tape along the center.
8.Wrap and tape the paper around rolled candy (such as Life Savers), holding the candy in place.
9.Fold the ears in half and slip into the ear slashes;
10.tape in place on the inside of the rat.
11.Cut a small black square of paper for the nose; glue in place.
12.Use a large-eye needle to poke a hole on each side of the nose for whiskers.
13.Thread two 4-inch pieces of white floral cloth wire through the holes; curl the ends.
14.Hot-glue 1/4-inch-diameter red gemstones in place for eyes.

Voila....a candy hidden RAT.....
I love this easy one its called "Tangled Web"
Tangled Web
What You'll Need

9-inch balloon
Thin black yarn
Paper crafts glue (make sure the glue dries clear -- we used Elmer's)
Hot-glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
Orange plastic spiders
1.Cover work surface with newspaper. Blow up 9-inch balloon and tie off in a knot.

2.Cut twenty 6-foot pieces of black yarn.
3.Mix together equal portions of glue and water; mix well.
4.Dip a piece of yarn into mixture and soak thoroughly, making sure not to tangle the yarn. Pull out and gently squeeze off excess glue by running yarn between index finger and thumb.
5.Wrap the yarn around the balloon in an irregular pattern.
6.Continue with remaining yarn pieces, tucking in the end of each piece beneath the yarn layers.
7.Tie a length of string around the balloon knot. Hang up balloon and let dry completely. (Put newspaper under the balloon to catch any drips.)
8.Once the glue is completely dry, pop the balloon and use tweezers to pull out the deflated balloon and any glue residue between yarn pieces.
9.Hot-glue plastic spiders to the web, and tie a piece of string to the top to use as a hanger.

There are a ton more to see so check out BHG crafts pages for more

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    a glow stick in the tangled web would be cool !


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