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Friday, March 30, 2012

What to do with those Stray Socks?????

I absolutely love this idea!!!! Take a stray sock and make a the sock bun. It’s an easy way to create lots and lots of curls or wear it as a bun on top of your head! Wow...who would of though????. Yes, you will need a sock for this! If I can just make a recommendation, don’t use a white sport sock as if you have dark hair it may pop through and you will see it, unless you like the look??? A  darker sock, or better yet, one closer to your hair color works the best...
Here is the YouTube video it made me want to try it and it does work!

And some funny things to do with those socks:
  1. Make a :Stress Sock" just fill it with Mashed potatoes [the instant ones right from the box, not the potatoes made lol] then when you feel a little stressed just squeeze it! Be sure to tie the open end after you add your DRY instant mashed potatoes. :) 
  2.  Put a sock in your mouth before entering an elevator...takes practice, then tell everyone as loud as you can with the sock still in your mouth that you just got socked in the mouth!!! lol
  3. Want to have a party and invite lots of people? Give everyone you want to invite a sock, only one and then tell them they will get the other one when they come to your party. and when they get there make it a game....put all the socks in a pile and the first one to find their match wins a prize...or make up enough little $1 store prizes for everyone to choose from when they find their sock mate...lol...fun game I just thought of huh??? hmmm I think I am going to play this one at my next event...
Have the church address printed on them. Then, hand them out, one at a time, as you're visiting in the community. Tell people that they'll get the other sock if they come to the service this week!


  1. I think that those are really COOL! HOPPY EASTER. sandie


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