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Saturday, March 03, 2012

membership dues and Inflated Costs

Wow it was 81' here today. Sorry for all you snowbound friends. :( But I am astonished at it being so warm. 

I had to make a trip to investigate prescription costs. Has anyone else done this before? 

I mean there are a ton of places to get your meds, the trick is the each charge a different price for the same meds????? Now why is that???
So off I trotted to Ralphs....[whom I am with currently] Walmart--Target--CVS--Rite Aid-- CostCo--and Walgreens

I found some interesting things, one is that the same generic ranged from $4.00 a month[$12.00 for 90 days] to $62.00 a month....WOW.... now that is ridiculousness!!! 
Ralphs charges less on one of my meds, Walgreens is cheaper on 2 others, and CVS was the best on 2 of my hubbys. And on my Lipitor and 1 other med they are always high no matter where I go. 
The good news is Lipitor went generic in Nov and so I thought Yeah! But then I found out that when they go generic the manufacturer still makes the pills for 6 more months. :( but soon ....because after that any company can make it and the $$$$$ really drop!

I also found out that you have to ask your doctor for generics or they will just give you name brand which is really expensive. There is a small difference. With generics the range of potency can range 10 ticks up or 10 ticks down. In other words, if you have a prescription for a pill that is 100m with generic it can be anywhere from 90 to 110. Most of the time it doesn't matter on your body and there are no side effects. But always of course, check with your doctor. Few people have any side effects from the change. 

Also the pharmacists will also advise you of generics available if you ask. And Walgreens and CVS charge a yearly membership dues, but when you break it down it is still less than going to the other places for most meds. :) 

The best way to see which place is best for you is to check the online. Most of these places have lists of what they consider their "generics" and will accept for their $4 a month plan. 

So do your homework and save $$$$ even if your insurance covers it all, you should still check around. 

Just some info about buying meds!


  1. Would love to know when Aciphex is going to go generic. sandie

  2. I can relate, it is high way robbery.. :(

  3. I found out that the same drug in different formats has different prices. At Walmart, Lisinopril in tablet form is about $60, in capsule form it is $10. So even within the same store, things vary.

  4. Really, now why would that make a difference??? And such a big difference. :( Thanks for the input..


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