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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cleaning the Pond!

Every year we have to empty out the top of the falls and clean out the pads and the "bio-balls" that are in 
a net and keep our pond's eco-system in check! So this past week-end Mr. Bob tackled the job. Our pond is called an "Urban Oasis Aquascape Pond" that means that the pond has an effective and a low maintenance system. There are no chemicals involved, just natural bacteria and enzymes to help keep the water naturally clear and sparkling. Plants and fish complete the natural "eco-system" cycle. There are 2 pumps at each end of the pond and the fish make their own livable pond living off plants and algae. We do throw the fish their pond food so we can see and touch them occasionally but we don't have to. :)

used to pump out the water

climbing up the falls

I was replanting

Draining the falls

the pond with no water running

my Wandering Jew has grown really big

I told hubby this is not an outfit to wear in public..lol

Calla Lilly

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