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Friday, April 27, 2012

Off To Hollywood with the Red Hats

I got to meet Darth Vader and fight with him...lol....No not really, they were outside while we were waiting to enter the Hard Rock Cafe, Wednesday, it was the Red Hat Society's 14th Birthday celebration in Hollywood.... I went with 2 other gals and we had a wonderful day! They rented the entire Hard Rock Cafe, there was entertainment, catered food..yummy, we all got goodie bags, and then we marched down 1 block playing our kazoo's to "happy birthday" with a Red Hat banner... after we got to go to Madam Trousseau's Wax Musem, and then to a premiere of the new movie, not yet released, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" too funny...with Judi Dench, Bill Nighty, and Maggie Smith..A must to see!!!!!

The Red Hatter's line up there were over 300 of us there at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood!!

 I got to meet the Royal Queen Mum Sue Ellen of the Red Hat Society
Ahh a Wizard of Oz star....

 Entering Madam Trousseau's Wax Museum....

Hollywood Blvd..
  I think Will Smith was the most real ...he really looked like he was sitting there and about to speak to you....WOW

Of course who can forget the infamous Alfred Hitchcock movies....

I love love Peirce Bronson, I didn't realize he was so tall...

Johnny Depp at his finest...I love his movies   

   Not complete with out Lady GaGa

 I'm a "Trekkie" are you? 

I adore MM and collect all her memorabilia.....so I had to join her for a hand print in the sidewalk walk of fame...lol  What a fun day I had....


  1. wow!!! so much fun stuff..looks like you had the best time ever!! Wax museums freak me out a little..just like clowns..You are such a fun lady..keep it up..

  2. oh it was fun. and lots of ladies...the wax museum looked really fantastic..


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