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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pointy Boob Bathing Suit!

Ok i saw this and just had to post it. Remember those movies with Frankenstein and Cloris Leachman and how pointed her "boobs" were? Well check out this crochet bathing suit ladies....
Do you think that the horses in Young Frankenstein neigh every time Frau Blucher's [ Cloris Leachman] name is spoken because "blucher" is the German word for "glue?" (because glue is made from horses, ya know). The joke employed in the film is a take-off on the hoary melodramatic film device of inserting an ominous organ riff or clap of thunder and having actors react with visible fright whenever the villain appears on-screen or a character refers to something evil or threatening. (Indeed, an ominous flash of lightning and clap of thunder accompanies Friedrich's first encounters with both Igor and Frau Blucher.) The "horse" bit is funny because the Frau Blucher character is neither evil nor a villain (but a disagreeable-looking harridan), because the horses are scared by the mere mention of Frau Blucher's name but are undisturbed by her physical presence, and because the gag is used ridiculously often throughout Young Frankenstein. (Horses are heard whinnying at any repetition of the words "Frau Blucher," even in settings — such as the interior of Frankenstein's castle — where no horses are present!)


  1. Deb, if you did not find this at Whatnottocrochet.com I hope you have submitted it to them. This reminds me of the time I made a gigantic cone bra, and made my friend wear it as punishment for embarrasing me in a restaurant. It was the adult (double) version of a dunce cap! K, I have played your game come see who I have tagged.

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