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Friday, February 06, 2009

Post Cards and Goodies and Feeling Better

Ok so today it is raining outside, sun is trying to peek through and I feel better than before, still not 100% but getting there.. :)

I went to the PO yesterday, house "buggy" and I was pleasently surprised with PC and other goodies...I need to get back to making PC...
So here's a look..this beautiful handmade post card was made by Laura aka LadyDoodleBug from a group on Flickr "Handmade Theme Post Card Swap" She is so artistically inclinded and they are always so pretty...now she forget to follow the theme...lol...but who cares with an art work such as this one! I loved it!!

Next are 3 wonderful PC made from my friends in another personal swap group ran by Brenda....they are always a joy to receive... Rhonda made me a beautifully embroidered PC for Vanentine's Day, Vicki designed a lovely one with rhinestones of star bursts, and Carol made the cutest flying cat, ...I do love bling!!!

Next I got a package from Joy that is in my "Yummy Recipe Swap" group and she made me a recipe for the theme "Gifts in a Jar" it was our Jan theme... The recipe is Hummus and she sent me an ingredient, a recipe book, a handmade mat, and a decorated recipe car. so much talent and I loved the recipe..oh yeah and the corn on the cob holders.. :)

Next was my button's package, That Cindy sent me...look at all the great buttons I get to play with...All for the "Winter White" theme.. :) along with a cute purse size sewing kit and darning needles..always need those.. :) Last was from Diane, what a great card she made, it is my Fat 1/4 swap bot swaps, and again it was Winter White, I got the cutest kitty buttons, and 4 fat 1/4 in WW and note cards..yummy!!! I had a surprise at the PO with all these wonderful gifts.... I am a happy camper!!!

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  1. You received some wonderful gifts and postcards. It always makes the day brighter when you get surprises in the mail. Sure hope that you feel better soon.


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