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Monday, July 13, 2009

My Little Secret...

Well over at beansies I have a task for today and that is I have to tell about something that is my "little secret" ummm... but if I tell then it won't be a secret...so can you all keep a secret???? Promise now...okay?

Here goes.... I have a bad habit of printing out every pattern I like and then storing it upstairs in my file cabinet promising myself that I will soon make it...butttttttttttttttt I have now more patterns and more yarn than I could ever possibly use and so I told my DH that I am not buying any more and when I do I hide it in my trunk of my car till he goes to work then I sneek it upstairs and mix it in with my other yarn and patterns...he never knows...but he is a little suspicious since I keep going through reems of paper like crazy.... ssssssshhhhh.....


  1. Nobody will hear it from ME! My lips are sealed!! (0; You're in FOUR times!! Wishing you luck, as the odds are looking favorable! (0;

  2. Don't worry, I won't tell. ;)

  3. Debb, did you see the movie yet?!!


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