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Friday, July 31, 2009

Big bear Trip and Projects

My stitching group went on a retreat up to my cabin in Big bear and stopped by the LYS for a treat of a lesson on a new knitting stitch and also to gaze at the yarns..You know touchy feely time. :) We were all intense on learning and practicing.

This guy and his dog were too funny, he actually wore the sunglasses with no problems. :) so cute!!
Check out Allie and my favorite squirrel Chichidee they are actually friends. :) She is visiting for her daily digest of sunflower seeds and peanuts...

I finally finished my bag made of the same as a plastic coated tablecloth. I love it. Sewed on the rings to the straps, filed off the backs of the buttons and then glued them on the straps, and then added some rhinestones in the middle of the flowers for some "bling" and it is "finito!" I also made a couple of change purses with this fabulous ocean scene fabric I just love. :) just some simple small bags that close with velcro and lined with the polka dots.

I finished the shawl/scarf I was making for my daughter in Sizzle eyelash and searched out some really unique glass beads especially the oval ones that reflect all the different hues of lights that make it look like they are shinning themselves...ohhh so pretty...I am giving it to her tomorrow since she is moving in her new home I thought it would make a greart house warmimg gift!!! The pictures do not do it justice. I got the pattern out of the "Desperate Crochet" book by Annie's Attic 2005 pg 4....just love it...

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  1. Love the purses and the scarf! (and the dog in glasses!! FUNNY!) ~tina


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