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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Designs and Colors

Did you notice the change..??? Yes I decided to give the ole blog an uplift....as i was sipping on some ice tea the other day I decided to try something different for my blog.....but I want to change the fonts on my name and add my own design to the heading, but alas I am still learning that part...will have to do some research to learn...unless one of my followers can help direct me in the right direction?????

I am on my laptop as I got that virus on my desktop computer...ugh!!! Do NOT!! and I repeat DO NOT!!!! open "x" out or anything else to a pop up box that looks like it came from your computer but it DID NOT!!! It is a virus for a protection that says your computer is infected and it has a sheild and is called "Security Alert" it attaches itself to your hard drive changes your home page deletes your desktop and won't allow any windows to open but the alert window and asks you to buy it....then nothing you have lost your computer... :( the sad part is that even if you close it it will do the same soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo just shut down your computer and it should then go away... so many hackers out there is is not fun!!!!

On a more positive note I finished some of my goodie bags for my up coming Halloween party...and also working on some more necklaces for Christmas and pins out of buttons.. :)

Button pins are easy and fun to do and we all have a few old ones sitting around...so get creative and make some...

I am going to crochet a few flowers and add my button creations to their middles...if you like to swap buttons try this swap here....


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Im a big swapper so I'II check out your links. Your blog looks great. Cheers Leah

  2. Wow.. "the place looks great!".. And it looks like you're starting a third column?!! I've been thinking of trying that too, but am chicken so far, AND I just don't have time to start something like that while in the middle of moving! Another busy day today, looking at apartments and packing boxes.. Hard to believe the weekend flew by the way it did!.. Can't wait to see the button jewelry, if and when you can show those sometime. I've been thinking of trying them too! ~tina


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