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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things I have Done to "Rescue" my $$$

With the shortening of hours, and the economy the way it is we have had to cut back on expenses, so I was visiting an online friend over at "Confessions of a Former Bookworm" and saw that she had posted her list...so here is mine...

1. We have ran an ad to rent out a bedroom to a college student.
2. Reduced the number of times we eat out each week to 2.
3. Changed our 2 landline phones to 1 and got "Magic Jack" for the 2nd one.
4. Changed our grocry shopping to necessaries only and no extravagant "name brand" buys.
5. Limited our yearly flying vacations to 1 and take more RV trips.
6. Empitied the jacuzzi for the winter months.
6. Turned the dishwasher to "air dry" and only wash before 9am or after 4pm hours.
7. Use coupons for restaurants and grocery stores to save on our purchases.
8. Eat at home before I got to my LYG meeting instead of eating there.
9. Started washing my own car every other week instead of running it through the car wash
10. Cancelled my netflex, and my yarn kit of the month club.
11. Started to make gifts for next Christmas instead of planning on buying them all. :)

So what changes have you made to make your life a little less stressful $$$ wise??? Let me know by leaving my a post so I can come and visit you...Thanks for reading mine... :)


  1. I love your blog and have signed on as a follower. Here are a few of my things:
    1. Started making Christmas and birthday gifts in Jan.
    2. Eat out at a modest place once a week.
    3. Eat at home before going grocery shopping.
    4. Clip and use all the coupons I can.
    5. Use up my stash of yarn before buying any more.
    6. Still working on the rest of these....

    Take care my friend

  2. What wonderful ideas! I'll admit I don't have a list, but you have inspired me to make one.


  3. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I am trying to place my dvds to Divx therefore I could put a bunch of movies on a dvd and run them on my dvd runner that runs Divx documents...
    Any advice for programs...
    Will any tool let me copy the video as it is reproducing protected??
    Thanks a lot.


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