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Friday, November 05, 2010

TGIF and a Little One is Coming

I spent most of the day searching our SPCA and trying to adopt a little one. :) The last few days I have going to the local shelter looking of an addition to our family, as most of you know my Allie passed away after 20 yrs and I have been really lonely, so we decided to get a little one to be with Foxy too....well finally I found a little girl, about 6lb, Shih tzu cream in color, she is so cute, what made me choose her, and believe me they are all so adorable, was the fact that when I walked up to her cage she stood on her hind legs and put her front paws together and moved them up and down like she was praying....I knew right then that God had sent her to me!!! :)

Well she wasn't up for adoption till today, ......that's not her but the same kind of dog....so I had to be at the shelter by 10am when they open and pray that no one else would want her. I got there at 9:30am and I was 3rd in line. I chatted with the two guys ahead of me and they were there for different dogs, phew....then came another gal and she was there for a cat, and another, she was there for a lab puppy, now mind you I was told that the little girl I wanted was a favorite and there would probably be a ton of people there ahead of me. :( so far so good, this last gal shows up she said she is there for a terrier...okay...I was good to go, after 15 more min and more people no one was there for the girl I wanted. I was confident she would be mine.

The door opened we all walked in it was my turn and I told her the kennel number and they sent a gal to go "fetch" [no pun intended] her so we could formally meet, meanwhile the last gal dashes off into the kennels. A few moments later her comes my little poochy with the worker and the gal that had dashed off, and she says this is the dog this gal wants, WHOA.......so I said no that is the one I wanted, so the the lady behind the counter said , ok we have two people so we have to throw your names in a hat and we draw... sheesh.....now the pressures really on. .....they drew the name, opened the paper....TADA...it was me... :)...I was so happy...I told the other gal that I found out yesterday that there was another little one coming up for adoption Sunday, she looked at me and said oh thats ok I decided to take the lab????? What how do you go from tiny little 6 lb baby to 65 lb BIG doggie????? Oh well ...

Now for the "rig a ma roll"....[my mom used to say that all the time. :)] I had to fill out what seemed like 10 pages of questions, Do I promise to feed her? Do I promise to take her to the vet regularly? Do I promise to keep her in the house? and so on and on and on....really....no wonder people don't go there to adopt, after an hour I signed away my life....lol...just kidding, anyways, I had to go get Foxy to now have an "Intervention," to make sure they got along, REALLY....so back home and got Foxy and brought her in, but she first had to walk by the cats...she loved that , not sure they did, lol,  next we were put in a different room, and a guy came in and said I had to leave the room and I could watch through the window to the left, and this other worker brought in the new little one...they sniffed and ran around and then sniffed some more and Foxyt went looking for me....the little one was scared as she is much smaller and been through alot...finally they said they felt it should be ok....WOW...pressure...

So .....back to the main lobby waited in line AGAIN...and then signed some more papers, and had to sit and wait while the guy tried to anser the phone and finsih my paperwork,

Now they told me this little girl was 8 months then they said no she is 2yrs old???? Which is it....who knows...finally after about 30 more minutes he said he was ready for me and he wanted $$$$$ and said she wasn't spayed yet so I couldn't get her till Monday as they would be spaying her Sunday. :( all this work and time and couldn't take her home...I was happy and sad at the same time....but I look forward to Monday when she comes home and then I will  post a little photo of her. :)

And now a little about this cute bundle of fur!!!

The Shih Tzu has been around for a very long time. In the countries of Tibet and China, these little dogs were given to Chinese Royalty as gifts. The words "Shih Tzu" mean lion dog in Chinese.

Shih Tzu were, and still are, the perfect companion or lap dog. Being a house pet is the perfect job for a Shih Tzu. Nowadays, Shih Tzu are still wonderful lap dogs. They also can compete in conformation and obedience, and participate in agility. Shih Tzu can also make a good therapy dogs.

Shih Tzu are small, sturdy dogs. They grow to be nine or ten inches in height, and weigh nine to sixteen pounds as an adult. Some people think that Shih Tzu look like Lhasa Apsos, and they do look similar. But the Shih Tzu is a smaller dog.

Well-bred Shih Tzu have good, strong muscles and are athletic. They are alert and will let you know when someone arrives. Shih Tzu are very friendly and get along with well children and other dogs.

And they DON"T shed so that makes them all the more desirerable...I look forward to mine...now to name her????? Any suggestions???

She is my "fall" surprize....


  1. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know you will love her so much.

    And did you know you have something in the middle of your blog that says this image or video has been moved or deleted, photobucket.

    Love your song Over The Rainbow.


  2. Thank you and yes and it is driving me crazy, I cannot find out which post it is coming from and I have gone through my blog several times...Grrrrr....don't know how to get it off...


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