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Monday, November 01, 2010

Time to Start on Christmas Crafts

I love the holidays and for Thanksgiving I am going to make one of those Lollipop Turkeys for the table. I have been eyeing the pattern now for awhile, I also started and I am almost done with my "Mobius Holiday Yarn Collar" for my daughter it was at Joanns a free rip off pattern, and then I will be starting one for my niece and then I have to think of something for my sister??? Any ideas out there in "web-land" ????
I ordered a bunch of patterns on EBay for Christmas and one is the cutest Grandma and Grandpa set and Santa....I can't wait to get started. And thinking of making this scarf for ???hmmm maybe my sis....and don't cha just love the bike seat cover? I want to make that one too...

We had threats of rain over the weekend but it was mainly a drizzle...we went up to the cabin and all the trees were turning so I thought I would snap our oak tree in the yard!! Love fall!!!

I made a Halloween cake, but didn't get a shot of it and now DH has almost eaten it all!!!! Ouch!!!

Remember the Blob? I love that movie and a great one for Halloween!!!! I love this hat design it is so flapper age....

I did get this bootie pattern and going to make them fo rmy g-daughters aren't they the cutest!!


  1. Oh no!!.. Wish I could have seen your Halloween cake! I didn't have time to make one this year, but I'm sure I'm piling enough calories on with the cookies!! LOVE the Santa booties, so you'll have to show us those when you get them done!.. Yes, it's the season when our hooks are absolutely "smokin'" with countless projects for the holidays!.. I LOVE it though!!! ~tina

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you have so many of them and hope that I'm looking and following the correct one. You are very talented. I appreciate your comments. Thanks again for visiting me :-)

  3. I'm with Doris - thanks for visiting my blog too and you have a few so I hope that I am on the right one as well. My email is skcz at comcast dot net. What is yours?

    PS almost forgot - you look like you all had a great Halloween - so much fun.

  4. yup this is the right one, I have another one http://Crochetoholic.blogspot.com that is mainly crochet...thank you all for visitng me...my email is calcrochetnut@msn.com I loved your cookies Tina...yummy...and yes we had a fun Halloween... Debb


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