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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fluffernutter and Two and a Half Men

I just love "Fluffernutter" sandwiches! When I was younger mom always gave them to me. They are "fluff" and peanut butter and more.... What's your favorite sandwich memory? I bet it brings "warm fuzzies" to your tummy? Check out a recipe for them here and one to make your own "fluff" too!!
Check out some more great recipes at "DaBookLady's Recipes"

Hey what do you think about Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two n' 1/2 Men"? I think it will be pretty cool!!!  John Stamos was also a contender, he would have been great!! I love his acting .....


  1. I've never had fluff and peanut butter - but I take 2 pieces of toast and put peanut butter and bananas on it and it's yum.

    I'll have to wait to see 2 1/2 Men before I decide - lol.


  2. Hi Debb! Oh my gosh, I LOVE fluffernutters! But I've never made the homemade kind yet. I'd really like to try that! (Funny thing is I looked up the recipe and asked myself "where are the marshmallows in this recipe?".. So tell me, is my blonde showing?)... Anyways, I didn't hear about a replacement for Sheen yet, but I AM so GLAD to hear they're not just cancelling it. I LOVE that show, when I catch it! Now you let me know when the new shows come on the air then, so that I won't miss it, k? (0; Have a great day!... I think I'm gonna make myself a fluffernutter for breakfast! ~tina

  3. Oh Chatty I do love that sandwich too but try the other it is great!!!

    And tina, oh yes I see what you mean no "blond" moment there are no marshmellows....hmmmmm I guess the egg whites and corn syrup make it fluff without the marchmellows, it tastes great...less sticky..hee hee,,,,I will keep you posted when the Charlie Sheen switch starts.. Debb


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