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Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Shadow Peopl & Pumpkins $ Crafts & Other Interesting stuff

Shadow People or Shadow Creatures Activity:

This is a type of haunting activity that has no real explanation. They are different from ghosts. They are usually shapeless dark masses. Mostly seen with your peripheral vision. They are known to do things that are different from ghosts. They can move between walls, they have no human features, they wear no clothes (except for the hat man/hooded figure shadow creatures). People who encounter them, have a feeling of dread. Clairvoyants that encounter Shadow People, say they do not feel they are human and consider them non-human.

Shadow People have no discernible mouth, noses or facial expressions. Some are seen as child sized dark humanoids. Some people say they seem to be made up of dark smoke or dark steam. At times when they move, they appear to be moving on an invisible track from one place to another, such as a toy train on a small scale railroad track. They have been seen to hop or what appears to be a strange dance. They are known to stare at the floor.

Two common types of Shadow People are the ‘hat man’, that looks like he or she is wearing a 1930s fedora hat and the ‘hooded figure’, which looks like the shadow person has a hood over their head. The hood and hat stand out as clothing, but otherwise, they are not wearing any clothing at all. There are also reports of shadow animals, such as a shadow in the form of a cat, with no discernible mouth, nose or eyes.

Sources: Shadow Activities        Shadow image

source: Blog

Halloween is never complete without a scary story and Stephen King is the KING [no pun intended] I just love his books.

I am not a big fan of beer or ale, but I do like once in awhile especial ICE cold and I remember my dad used to love his with a big dish of spagetti and served in a frosted mug...mmmmm good! Since I am a native "Great Lakes" resident, this ale intrigued me and I was really pleased to try it.

To tell you the truth even the worst pumpkin ales have this spicy flavor that brings all the feelings of autumn to mind, and makes one think about changing leaves and crisp nights;

Imagine finding this Great Lakes Brewery‘s pumpkin ale, which definitely comes in a big bottle and is among the best examples of its type. Like their "Winter Ale," the pumpkin brew doesn’t exactly feature light flavors, nope, everything about this Great Lakes’ ale is bold, strong and big on your palette.

And to a pleasent surprise it even pours out slightly orange, which is a marvelous touch. With fall here and Halloween just around the corner, you owe it to yourself to try one of these ales.

                                                                       source Ale

And for a Halloween poem......

The Old Graveyard
By: Kurtis Primm

There is an old graveyard
I always walk by
Where others before me
Have died and now lie.
And when I walk by it
It gives me the creeps
To know that one day
It’s there that I’ll sleep.
Sometimes I see shadows
And I often hear sounds
Could it be coming from those
Buried deep underground?
I walked past one evening
It was quite late at night
I could see them there standing
A trick of the light?

I saw one approach
With it’s pale outstretched hand
And it beckoned to join it
So I turned and I ran.
Now I’ll never walk past
That old graveyard again
Cause I’m scared
I may never be heard from again.
The old graveyard’s still there
And I know in my mind
That the dead are there waiting
Just biding their time.

So if you walk past
And you hear the wind moan
It may not be the wind
But them calling you home.
                                                                            Source photo poem

I just love Halloween and had to share some Halloween fun and stuff just because....hope you enjoyed...

This an easy fun craft project to make for any house. I really liked this idea and Walmart sells mason jars very cheap... :)

Supplies needed for this:
-Painters tape

-Paint/Paint brushes

-lay down wax paper or freezer paper or butcher paper... any kind of paper to limit the mess.
Just make sure they don't paint the inside. You may want to add tape to the opening of the jar to avoid that.
You can add stickers too. Then turn them upside down, to make sure no paint gets inside,

next spray paint them.
One white and one black.
wait for them to dry
remove the stickers.
add candles to the inside.

Source photos & craft

These pumpkins are so cool looking from HGTV...

Materials Needed:
  • 3 faux pumpkins
  • spool of 3/8" wide black craft ribbon
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • small craft paintbrush
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • pumpkin-carving tool or sharp knife

Select Pumpkins

Select three similarly shaped faux pumpkins.
Cut Hole
Use a sharp knife or pumpkin-carving knife to cut a hole in the bottom of the first pumpkin. Make sure the hole is big enough for the stem of the second pumpkin to fit into. Repeat this step on the bottom of the second pumpkin.
Adhere Ribbon

Cut random lengths of craft ribbon and hot glue them to each of the pumpkins to form mouths.

                                                     Source HGTV

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