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Friday, October 14, 2011

Wow It's Been Awhile!!! Let's See What Has Been Up???

Time flew by .....when I realized that I hadn't posted in awhile. So................... I am going to try and catch up...let's see on Sept 30th-Oct 3rd I went up to Big Bear with my stitching friends. :) It was a terrific weekend, warm, Oktoberfest, and we even went to the zoo. We got to visit a few different restaurants and of course visited our favorite yarn shop too!!

The candy store yummy we always have to stop by there

this display was suckers looked like a peacock

can you believe people actually eat these worms, yes they are real YUCK!

and real crickets Yuck Yuck!!!

one of the places we ate at had this mural on their walls. Cool huh?

Pat and I were fooling around at Oktoberfest...lol

we had to buy and wear our "chicken" hats especially for the chicken dance!!!

I had to try on hats when the Red Hats and I went to the this hat store... :)

I have been preparing for the up coming 2 Halloween Costume parties that I am hosting for my Stitching Group and the Red Hat Social Butterflies group. :) I made my costume and so I worked on that all last week. :)

my skeleton earrings

my ghost earrings

isn't this bat necklace cute, I made it. :)

my skeleton circles

these are the rubbery soft stretch spider earring sI made tonight

these are the black glitter ones

these spider earrings are glitter and although they look gold they are actually bright green

they hang long

here they are in orange

the whole set

and when worn they look like this
count the candy corn

my witch and pumpkin

my witch
 This past week I have been making Halloween decorations and jewelry. this year I made "Spider Earrings" with matching necklace, they'll be on my "PBDProducts Blog" this weekend for sale. and some candy corn filled mason jars that I crocheted around, a witch and a pumpkin. I included a tea light that looks so pretty flickering like a candle when the lights are out. I am still working on my Ghost!! They were quite easy and fun to do and will post a pattern for them on my "Crochetoholic" blog and my "Pattern blog."

I also finished my project from my "Rainbow Skein" that the gals and I did back in March. That was really fun, but I can't post that one till I enter it in the contest at our Halloween party. :)

I also got to meet one of my pen pals last weekend. She lives in N CA and was here visiting and so we got together for a late breakfast. It was great to meet her and her hubby!! :)

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