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Monday, January 09, 2012

******Etsy Spotlights******

                       Back in June I told you about "Etsy Spotlights"
                                but I never got any posted in 2011, 
                      so I am starting off 2012 with my 1st "Spotlight"!!!

                                  What is it you ask?

      Well it is a "spotlight" of one Esty shop a month that is creative, immaginative, and has some interesting and unique "eye candy" for you to browse around and buy. Some people that do not have an Etsy shop but have a crafting URL where you sell your "handicrafts" are welcome too!!
Etsy Spotlight Shop


Crochet Heirlooms

This month's Etsy “Spotlight” shop is


25” Coffee/Mocha Doily

I have been following this shop for some time.
The designer, Vikki Hooks, yes that is her real name, has an
 assortment of lovely crochet Doilies
all handmade in crochet cotton thread.
They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes
with several different styles.

Vikki’s work is impeccable and her finished doilies are gorgeous.
She also takes special orders made personally just for you!
These doilies are so beautiful and made so well,
that I am sure they
will end up as part of your heirlooms!

Vikki is offering a 
[within the USA] 
until the end of this month! 

Don’t hesitate a minute longer hop right on over there,

 and see for yourself the wonderful work
she does with crochet thread!!!

                          “Handmade Crochet Purple Very Textured Doily”


And be sure to hop on over to
ByHooks4U blog too! 
**Please note that on the monthly "Spotlight" posts there may be photos of your work shown.
Be assured that I will always link back to your shop and give you total credit for your work. 
If this is a problem and you do not want your photos shown on PBDesigns, please notify 
me by email and I will remove the photos.  Thank-youDaCraftyLady

In order for me to get to know you and "spotlight" you need to leave
a comment here and/or send me an email telling me a little about 
your shop, what's unique about your crafts, how you got started, 
what inspires you, and anything else you feel will attract buyers to 
your store.

Each month I will post about 1 store and keep a link to you on my sidebar for my visitors to hop over to your place. And be sure to let me know if you will be offering any "specials" if they mention they found you at "Etsy Spotlights".

I also want to hear back from you if you received any more traffic because of your "spotlight" appearence on PBDesigns. :)

Looking forward to meeting all you Etsy sellers!!! Leave your comments today and be sure to "follow" PBDesigns.

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