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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"E" is for Eight

"E" is for eight. I am not one to get into Numerology, but this stuff gets me..They say the number "8" means: Executive ability, management, power, materiality, unscrupulousness...hmmmmm But I know you can do your own numerology but my numbers with the number "8" in all my family's birthdays is just too much...I mean I look at my family's birthdays and it gets a little scary..ok..

  • Dh birthday is on the 4th and so is mine..add and it = 8
  • my duaghter's birthday is on the 18
  • my son's birthday is on the 28th
  • my younger son's birthday is on the 8th
  • my grandson was born in the 8th month
  • my older granddaughter's birthday is the 28th
  • my younger granddaughter's birthday is the 8th

Ok so do you think the number "8" is a lucky number for me??? Or does it all mean something? I don't know for sure but I am going to play the lotto and guess what number I am going to use??? Yup the number "8"!!!!

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