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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Back from Vacation

Hello Hello... I am back...wowowowow...2 weeks of glorious R&R lots of crocheting and reading and writing...I loved it... We are getting ready for our pond to be built here this Sat. The guy tried to deliver the Port a Potty today??? it wasn't suppose to be here till Friday... a bit early and the trailer is still out front... so what to do??? I sent him on his way to return later today.. Now hubby says he is in the middle of a job and cannot return till much later...so I guess it will have to go at the edge of the driveway on the otherside...hope my neighbor doesn't mind... :( But I cannot wait till it starts up.. I am sooo excited...

But On to the vacation...WEllll we went to Bass Lake and it was soo pretty there in the high 90s and water was warm. John brought up his boat so we got to enjoy the lake and cruise all around. Lori couldn't make it this year and we really missed her...We had a nice visit with John and his family and Darin got up on the wakeboard. I was amazed at how well he could ski. He is only 10 years old and sure as heck out does me. Of course I have nver skiied...not my thing. Do love to watch others do it though...Hubby took me shopping and I got 3 great dresses...Thank you!!! One long sleeveless beach print navy, 2 orange print hawaiian style ones and more souvenirs.. :) Then we went off to Pismo Beach and I shopped again adn got a tote bag and sweatshirt zip-up in peach to match...then we rented a little bicycle built for two with the surr on top ...I have to add a picture when I get on my computer..They are all there... We even got Foxy to ride in it.. she was such a good girl this trip..we have finally taught her to settle down a litle and not go bannanas over other dogs that walk by..watching the TV show the "Dog Whisperer" has helped a lot. its a great show to help you learn how to train your dog.. It was a little cooler at Pismo as we were camped right on the ocean, but I loved it. Also took a day trip to Morro Bay.. Always a favorite of mine.. :) But glad to be back..
oh yeah I found a terrific Christmas organize place to help us all get ready.. Its never too early...And heres a cool "Knit Along" blog that you might like to join too!!

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