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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cooling Off On a HOT Summer Day

It's HOT in  a lot of places right now ...WOW so what should you eat to keep you cool??? See some great suggestions here....I like the hard boiled eggs... I also drink lots of water with a little orange slice in it.... :)

Cool Things To Do Outside When It's Hot and Sticky

Yikes–it's 90 degrees, everyone is sweaty, and your legs stick to the seat of the car. But there are still fun ways to play when the sun is high in the sky. (Make sure to slather on some sunscreen first!)

One way to have fun and get cool is to jump into the pool! Once you're there, you can practice swimming and try out different strokes. Organize swimming races and see who wins. Or practice underwater gymnastics, like handstands, somersaults and backward somersaults. Even try dancing under water. Don't forget to hold your breath!

If you're on land, you can play volleyball or badminton over a sprinkler to keep cool. Or have a water balloon toss with friends. Catch that balloon or you'll get soaked!

When you are moving around in the heat, it's very important to drink lots of water, even if you don't feel thirsty. Hot temperatures make you sweat more when you're active, so you must replace the water you lose to keep from getting sick.

More things to do outside when it's hot and sticky:

•Take a nature walk on a shady trail.
•Wash your dog in the backyard.
•Wash your parents' or neighbors' car.
•Play Frisbee® disc over a sprinkler.
•Practice doing sprints through a sprinkler.


  1. Ok..I am over 50..the last thing my neighbors want to see is me running through the sprinkler..made me smile I just might have to do it..

  2. lol...me too and just think of the fun...the neighbors just might join in on the fun!! :) Debb

  3. It's hot here too! Great tips for cooling off-my girls do a few of them : )


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