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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Word of the Year

[artist unknown]

This was posted on Alieen's Musing's blog and I just had to post it here because it 
is just too cute not to share around!!!

I was over at Debbie-Dabble's blog and she posted her "One Word" to live by in 2012!! 
I found that to be really interesting and started to think what word would I choose????
 I mean I am "happy" love being around friends and family.....?????? 
So what.....her word for this new year is "time" and I like that word...
But I need to "Organize" .....

I spent a lot of last year organizing and hosting get together's and this new year I would like to spend more time on my crafts and organizing my folders on my computer...I want to have more quality time to spend with friends and family. I am a very "busy" person and I do so enjoy my hobbies and groups, but I have let some things get way out of hand especially with all my photos on my computer [as anyone that knows me knows that I take a ton of them] and would like to organize them into albums and on CDs and take all of them out of my computer. I do so need to revamp it this new year...
I also wanted to get magazines put into order and get my patterns written out properly and out of my notebooks they are accumulating and I need to "organize" them better, there it is....my word for 2012 is "organize" ...I want to organize my time with my hubby better so that we can enjoy more trips together this new year, and "organize" my group's get togethers better making it not such a burden on myself doing it "all"....maybe this new year I can delegate more functions out to members??
So I will say that my New Year's "one word of the year" will be "organize" and 
hopefully next year I will have organized my life even more than I have this past year 
to allow more quality time with friends and family!!!


Happy New Year 


  1. Have a Happy New Year! sandie

  2. I belong to a mixed media art journal online group, and we just recently had to choose a word for the year also... So I decided, as stress seems to be building up a bit this past year, and I've grown harder on myself about everything, that my word for the year would be "peace". Inner peace would be a very good thing, I think! (0; Of course, some better organization around my place would probably help me a great deal to achieve some of that sense of inner peace I'm wishing for, so I'm gonna keep my eye open on your blog for any ideas there!!... Best wishes for a blessed and Happy New Year to you too! ~tina

  3. Posted a comment, and it took me to some other site! But I love your word, organize is something I really need to do also. My craft room is a mess! Happy New Year to you also, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hello gals, "peace" is a good one Tina, I like that thoguht. Laurie, I understand as craft rooms wouldn't be the same if they weren't a little messy, :) I hope to get a little bit more organized this year....thanks for stopping in gals...Debb

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