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Monday, December 05, 2011

Parties and Craft Fairs and more....

these cuties were given to all members knitted ornaments
in front of the tree
 Good Morning Bloggers...it is December and the busiest time of the year for me! I had a loooooong weekend with back to back gatherings and parties with friends and clubs....what fun....Thursday was my "Stitch n; Chicks" party, and although it was a smaller group this year, due to illness and such, we still had our usual terrific evening! Patricia won the door prize Angel, Debb [me] won the "Christmas" colors contest. We exchanged gifts and of course sang our Christmas song[with changed wording to match our group] and ate a yummy meal!!!

me in front of the tree
some gifts

my gift all handmade
 Next Friday was my Red Hats party with the Social Butterflies.... :) It was at the Vice Queen's house and she put on a fabulous affair...we entered to her player piano playing Christmas songs, all indulged in song yummy food and then drew tickets to choose our gifts that were under the tree, I got a beautiful cashmere scarf and gold pin, then the VQ continued to serenade us with Christmas songs that we all joined in on singing...a fantastic evening...I even won the cutest toy soldier ornament as one of the door prizes....thank you ....
my gift at the Red hat party, mmm cashmere

the food

Saturday a few of my stitching gals and I went off to our usual Christmas craft fair in Norco....it is always a favorite as they make and sell the best Gingerbread cookies ever....mmmmmm just smelling them makes your mouth water.... and my BFF stopped by to join us for lunch. :)

this little piggy is a regular at the craft fair

this man and son direct the traffic at the fair 

getting ready to go the wind was up
me in one of the buildings

I got this from a member of my
stitch group  as a goodie bag,
the lights blink I love it 

 Sunday DH and I went to our car club's party...it was a dress up affair and they had rented the whole restaurant...wow....it was an Italian restaurant....yummy!!!! There was a lot of chatting and munching on scrumptious hors d' oeuvres and they had an excellent band where DH and I got to put on our dancing shoes and swirl around the floor several times.... ate a grand dinner and played a fun Bingo game....
DH and I 

All and all it was a wonderful weekend, and now I need to send out my cards....and SHOP!!!!


  1. Looks like you had fun! sandie

  2. Hi there Sandi, I sure did thanks for stopping in I have so busy that I have not been blog hopping much, but I will catch up with everyone this week...Debb


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