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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Christmas and a Happy New Year

 Family at Christmas.......

I got a Nook

DN made me a "Chloee" cup

yes Pajama Jeans...so comfy

sitting down to dinner

my oldest g-daughter

the gang

she loved the shells & starfish

more shells

the younger g-daughter got a purse

g-son got a hoodie

door hanging shells can you tell she likes

son with his girl

she liked her scarf

dh liked his flannel

daughter loved her sweater

daughter and her hubby

they all got in to look at their photo calendars

"Diva" towels



I got slippers

and a crock-pot

all my goodies wow


softest PJs

hubby's new car
look I got earrings

the gabbing

its a mouse and it lights up...

all of us wish you
Happy New Year.......


  1. Ooooh, pajama jeans, huh?! They sound nice!!! And a nook too?! Lucky you!!! Awesome family pictures you've got here.. I'm so upset because I never got out the camera beyond morning under the tree. I guess I got so busy or preoccupied with other things, that it wasn't until the last guest left, and it finally dawned on me, "Oh my gosh, I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!!" (sigh) Now I have no photos to put in the Christmas Mini Album I'm making! Yup, I'm thinking I may have to put that project aside (WAY ASIDE!) for next year, when perhaps I'll feel a REASON for making one again! (0; So GLAD to hear you're enjoying making the cup cozies!!!! Aren't they fun to make?! I'm sure I'll be making more colors for at least myself, my daughter, and my mother!.. Have a great day! ~tina

  2. Tina,
    Oh yes these jeans really do feel like comfy PJs but look jeans on. :) I love love the Nook! Oh photos of the events are everything to me, my family is used to me taking pictures of it all and they just go along, especially with the traditional "group" photo. this year it went smoothly...but there have been years when I have made them stand through 3-4 takes since I just couldn't get it right...lol...like I said they are used to me...well you could make your album and then put it away with the decorations and you will have it when you take out the decorations next year, think of how happy it would be to see it a year later... :) I do so like the cozies.. :) made another last night...I love that they are easy and look so cute...I have to make me one or two... :) Have a Happy New Year...Debb


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