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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Christmas Rush Frustrations and Laughter

Christmas rush FRUSTRATIONS...have you had any???? Well .......over the past few days I have been rushing around trying to tie up all the loose ends of my shopping, making pictures to hang from my chandelier and baking cookies...I do not know about any of you but I have come across some really frustrating incidents...

  2. So I am out trying to make photos at this Kiosk at Target...and there is a gal behind the counter and she is chatting with another employee and sees me at the kiosk and keeps chatting, I stick in my chip and touch the screen and nothing??? Its black???? another lady by now has sat down at the kiosk next to me and sticks in her USB and has the same problem, we look at each other and wonder what's up. So I try to get this gal behind the counter's attention, not an easy task???? Finally aggravated she says "yes" and I asked what was I doing wrong??? She says, "Oh is the screen black?" both myself and the lady next to me say, "es" and she then proceeds to tell us that she has turned off all the machines because she is so busy with orders that she has no time to make any more photos???????????? Now I ask you why didn't she just tell us to begin with? And why is she standing there chatting if she is so busy???? Grrrrrrrr
  3. I went to Penny's to pick up some shirts that the gal had to order for me as the color I wanted was not available. When I went up to the register, after standing in line for some time, I was told that all pick ups were downstairs and I would need to take the elevator to get there. So off I went to the elevator that took me down to yet another LONG line as this was also the catalog pick up area. When I finally got to the front, mind you I am carrying several bags and my arms are now really tired and I am fumbling to get the receipt out the gal says oh we don't need that just give me your phone # so I so that and re-grab all my parcels and get organized with coats and scarf in hand. She returns and says I need to see your driver's license for ID, so I put all my parcels down again and my coat and scarf and get out my driver's license and she says OK and she asks if I want boxes for these items, as I am now re-grabbing all my parcels and scarf and coat [it was hot in the store so I had taken it off] when she turns and says oh I need to see all your receipts before I can give you any boxes....WHAT???? I could have reached over and clubbed her one as this was really tiring to keep putting down and picking up all this stuff..I felt like I was rehearsing for an "I Love Lucy" show!!!!LOL
  4. Then yesterday I went to pick up photos I ordered through Snapfish to pick up at Walgreen's store and there were about 115 of them so I got a great price of 15 cents each...when I get there I opened them up to find about 1/2 of them with the heads cut off. The young man said to give him a minute and he would fix them so I went to shop around. He then hunted me down in the store to tell me that he would be unable to fix them as they were sent over in that condition and I would need to bring in the chip and sit at their machine and edit them and he would redo them. So he refunded me for those photos that I returned. I did have the chip in my bag so I waited in line [1/2 hour] to edit these photos, then when I finished because I was redoing these photos and it was under 100 they now cost me 29 cents each. :(  When I went up to the counter about an hour later the young man said that he was now too busy and to come back tomorrow but they would be fine this time around. So today I went back and also had to pick up pills I had ordered over the phone, there again I was delayed as they said there was something wrong with the order and I would have to wait till they filled them, so off I went to browse the store again....meanwhile I went and picked up my photos but did not open them as I figured they would be fine this time. Got my pills and off I went...When I got home I opened my photos and guess what??? Yup...the heads were still cut off!!!!! grrrrrrrr 
 It can get a bit "harry" this shopping over the holidays, but I sure am glad that I am all done doing those photos, I just wonder why it has become so difficult to get things completed???? Maybe its my age ??? maybe its that time of year...???? Whatever it is it was quite an experience and one that makes you just sit back and laugh at it all.....thank God for laughter... 


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