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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Surprises and Popcorn Marsh mellow Wreaths

So what did everyone do yesterday for Valentine's Day? I gave my hubby his chocolates and card and then he said here is yours and I walked into the kitchen and there was a beautiful large Calla Lilies plant and a beautiful loving card. :) I was beaning...I read the card and looked over my plant and he kept standing there after I gave him a big hug and kiss and smirking at me. I looked at him and said, "What?" he smiled and said ohhh I think there is something under the table, where we have a long table cloth. So I lifted up the table cloth and there it was!!! I was so shocked. 

It was a 21" flat panel computer screen. I have been wanting one for awhile now and when Blogger changed its format I was having problems with posting because my old flat panel was from 2001 and it was a 14" screen. I am a very happy gal now!!! The screen is so BIG that I feel like I am at the movies...lol...

Then he took me out to Red Robin for fish & chips... our favorite restaurant was having a problem..look....

IT seems someone hit a fire hydrant and it was everywhere. See the yellow building in the back? That is our restaurant...

This table was at the Roadhouse Grill where my Red Hats had their last event. It is really life like looking huh?

                                                            Popcorn Wreath
Ok and here is a project I found all you need is popcorn, of course, and a round Styrofoam ring, and some clear sealant spray to keep the popcorn from getting yucky, craft glue, a hot  glue gun and decorative ribbon in a festive color. Using a paint brush, brush craft glue on to the wreath ring. Then place popcorn all around the wreath ring. To add more layers of popcorn to the wreath use a hot glue gun and glue on additional pieces of popcorn on top of the first layer. 

A marshmallow one too make it HERE
I thought about it and wanted to make it, but I was going to change a bit for Easter or St Paddies Day....For Easter, how about spraying it light pink or blue and then adding a little bunnie figure as the base with a bow. I am going to make this and then post it after, and for St Paddies Day you could spray it green and add a 4 leaf clover. :) 

Can't you just envision it???


  1. Looks like you had a great Valentines Day! Yippee. sandie


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