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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Let's Make Crafts.........

Pink Cascade Necklace

made these for my Red Hat event

the goodie bags

another view

hearts and candy

"Cheese" photo real life here

wckitten2 (5K)

Cute Kitty Towel

What You Will Need:

Hand Towel
Novelty eyes or buttons
2 white pompoms (1/2 inch)
1 gray pompom (1/2 inch)
1 red pompom (1/2 inch)
Button or charm
Scrap ribbon pieces
Elastic Band
Hot glue

Hand Towel Kitten
Craft Project Instructions:

Lay the hand towel out flat and fold it lengthwise, bringing each end to
 the center, but leaving about a half an inch gap at the center line. Roll
 the unfolded sides to the center of the towel, as shown.

Fold your roll in half and wrap an elastic band around to hold your kitten
 together (see photo below, right). Gently pull the top two ends 
(one at a time) up, while pushing the center of the towel down ... 
very gently or you will have to start all over again. This makes the 
kitten's ears. Keep referring to the photos to help you with this process.

Wiggle the towel sections until you have a shape that looks like the
 finished kitten shown above. To make kitty's nose, glue together two
 white pompoms and one gray pompom. Squash them together with the
 glue so you have a shape that looks like a kitten nose.
wckittenfolded (5K)

To make kitty's whiskers, use a four inch length of ribbon (larger if your towel is oversized). Cut the ribbon from each end to the center, several cuts, keeping about a half of an inch of ribbon uncut in the centre. Glue the uncut center part of the ribbon to the kitten's face (refer to photo for placement). You could also use a heavy thread instead of the ribbon for this.

To make kitty's tongue, cut a little of the fluff off of a red pompom, first
 on one side of the pompom and then on the opposite side of the pompom. 
You will end up with a pompom that is flat on two sides. You could also cut
 a piece of felt for this, instead of using the pompom, but the pompom is 
much fluffier.

Glue the nose directly on top of the whiskers that you created with ribbon
 and glue your tongue just under the nose, but touching the underside of
 the nose pompoms.

Glue novelty eyes or buttons for kitty's eyes, tie a bow around kitty's neck
 and after you have tied the bow, remove the elastic band (the ribbon will 
now hold your kitty together).

Tie a little charm around the neck ribbon. I used a plastic button and 
looped a small piece of pink cord through the button and wrapped around 
the neck ribbon. This is not necessary, but I prefer that kitty's ears have 
a small piece of  matching ribbon wrapped around them. Simply tie a 
piece of ribbon  around the bottom of the ears at the top of the head and 
tuck the ends of the ribbon inside the center roll. This looks nicer and helps 
to hold kitty,  in it's original shape. This will be necessary, if children will
 be playing with  kitty (but remember, small children should not be given 
toys with small  parts).

If desired, glue a small piece of matching ribbon in place for a tail. 
That's it, you're all done!

Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft
Sherri Osborn
Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft
Great for Valentine's Day
Rose Bud Candy Kisses 
Materials Needed:
Use a small piece of tape to hold the two wrapped candy Kisses together, bottom to bottom. Cut a piece of colored cellophane into a 6" square. Place the tip of one of the kisses into the center of the cellophane and then fold the cellophane up around both kisses. Twist the cellophane to secure.
Hold the wrapped kisses against the end of the wooden skewer and wrap tightly with a floral tape, winding the tape all of the way down the stick. If desired, you can cut leaf shapes out of craft foam or use leaves from silk flowers and attach them to the stem using the floral tape

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