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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winner!!!! "Random Acts of Kindness" from My Friends & Progress

I am making items for my stitching group's new members and part of the package includes magnets. These are the ones I made. I changed our logo a little to include other photos and names about crafting. We had started out as a Crochet/knitting group only, but have changed to "all crafters" in attract more members and also to learn other crafts. Most of us love crafting and want to learn more, and those that don't get to watch while they knit or crochet. It has been really successful and the membership is growing attracting lots of new fun crafting friends!! Next is the T-shirt with our logo, then finishing the business cards, each member gets 10, and then name badges, and then I order our official membership cards for discounts at local crafting stores. :) 

I was a winner of a "wacky" contest! the contest was "What's worse than This?" And I told a "true" not so happy evening event that happened to me awhile back.  I just received this cool package from "Heart's & Laserbeams" isn't it terrific 
Thank you so much!!!! 
robot note cards

cards with treats on the smartphone

even a cool bookmark
Another "Random act of Kindness" from one of my pen pals in Canada...she saw these cute Red Hat charms at a thrift store, bought them, & thought of me, 
and sent them to me!! 
Thank you Pauline...
Now who else has done some "RAK" lately???
Would you like to? There are lots of ways to show you care. Just think of someone you might want to show some "RAK" to and to something. 

So we just finished the back room...here is our progress..
these are the new stepping stones to the back door

 as you can see my new flower bed is a real charm to the area,
And if you look closely there's a yellow Daffodil peeking through in the far background of the bed. :)
 taken from standing in the doorway
and from the inside with the curtains up.
OK I have a kind of query???? 
What should I do with this really pretty and
lovely saying "Friendship & Family" plate? 
An old friend & I had linked back up with after 
22 years of absence. [we had a not so nice spat that ended in total silence]
We started talking again and she had sent me this for Christmas, 
after a year we were talking less
and less again [she lived in another state]
And then she blew up at me one day on the phone leaving
 a not so nice message about how we shouldn't be friends anymore????? 
And we ended our friendship once again. This time permanently. 
Then I remembered why we were not friends again...funny how time
sometimes clouds our memories of bad times and experiences with old lost friends???
Have any of you experienced this kind of thing??? Where you look up an old school chum, 
or maybe a long lost friend, only to find you really have nothing in common anymore
 and that you realize why you lost touch to begin with! Maybe one friendship 
that had ended bad, but you think, heck a lot of time has passed maybe we 
can rekindle what we once had and continue our once close friendship?
Here's my "query" should I hang the plate up or give it away to another 
friend? I mean I really like it but I am not friends with the giver anymore. Or should
I ignore that fact and just hang it up "remembrance" [is that a word?] of maybe why it 
had been given to me in the first place and enjoy the plate???
What do you all think??

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