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Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello I went to the gym today and instead of being bored while on the treadmill I listed to an audio book...it is a great way to pass the time...check out some options as I wrote an article about it

And while hopping around the blogs I visit I found this fantastic way to add some new fashion to my summer wardrobe and all I need is one of DH shirts.. :) so easy to do...just snip and sew and then a new top is born!!! Smashworks has a great tutorial on it.

Ok who would of thought??? A Hexnut Bracelet??? There are 3 versions here. The one above by sliding the hex nuts onto the fabric and just tying it to close around your wrist, or one with twine and braiding or one crochet!
Over at C.R.A.F.T. blog she made one with rope and braiding and hex nuts. I am changing it to Chain stitching instead with my colored twine I got at ACE Hardware Store. You can choose either way:

You will need:

  • colored twine or rope
  • hex nuts [again at the hardware store]
  • some type of pliers to hold the twine with
  • or a size H crochet hook if you are crocheting it

First I will show you the tutorial that
C.R.A.F.T. s blog did ....then I will step you through my version.

The twine ball will be your clasp... don't be scared to add another string if you don't like the shape of your yarn ball!

You can use the vice grips to weight the string down...
This part can be frustrating....the braid will want to flip around a little and this will mess up your flow! All you are doing is a simple braid adding a hex nut after each strand is crossed...use your fingers to manipulate the hex nuts!

Make a braid long enough to wrap around your wrist 3 times...
Make sure loop is a good size for your twine ball to fit through... not too small, not too big...just right, you know like Little Red Riding Hood :)

You can make silver or mixed silver and gold...or all gold?  Which one do you like best?

Now if you are crocheting  you will need:
  1. Crochet Thread # 3
  2. a button
  3. Crochet hook H
Crochet a 3 strands of Crochet Thread #3,or nylon thread any color you want, knot it and then add the washers in the same manner with a braid, then knot it and crochet a chain st the rainder, then finish off. make a loop the size of your button and secure it with several stitchs wrapped around both thicknesses. weave in ends. Sew your button on the other end.

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