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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Picnic Party

Over at Bugaboo Mini Mr and Me she is having a "Picnic Party"
I am going to post about some fun games and things to do on picnics....

When I take a picnic I love to play cards...its an easy game to play that takes very little room and can be played on the blanket, picnic table, or even in your lap on a paper plate. With kids you can play fish, with adults Solitare or rummy, or even war.....play for straws and the winner gets to have an extra treat that I always bring. Sometimes I add a little toy in my basket or a small gift I picked up at the $1 store for the winners...

I also love to play "Name the Birds" its a little game I made up where you listen to the birds and look for them, I bring binockulars, and try and name them or tell a little story about where you think they might of comke from or might be be going. Then again a special treat. Sometimes I tell a cute story about the birds and their familes. I can make up stories easily so it is not hard for me, if you cannot do that, then Google one before you leave on your picnic and take it with you to tell to the kiddies.

Now for an adult picnic how about a quick game of Left, Center Right. If you have never played this one you need to. It is simple, quick, fun, and small to carry. Just requires 3 of something. Can be anything??? Money, fruit, jelly beans, cookies, twinkies, anything, but plan ahead and bring some extra for everyone, remmeber the winner gets it all. :)

There are a lot of traditional games, I happen to like to make some up. I also love Truth or Dare and make a list of questions to ask and Dares to do ahead of time...lots of laughs... :)

Of course you can bring your crocheting and crochet another picnic blanket too!!

The point is to keep entertained and have fun in an outside setting with the kids, family, friends, or your honey, no matter who you go with think fun!!!!


  1. Sounds like your picnics are really fun..

  2. Thanks for linking this up! I've actually seen LFC at Target and wasn't sure - but after your review, I think I'll buy it for our next family picnic! :)

  3. Nice picnic and looked like a great day for it!


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